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“There will always be mixed messages about diet and nutrition in the media because the advice given is generic, where as people are individuals with different needs. Let the Nutrition Expert tailor a nutritional plan for you and help you develop the tools to apply it.”

About Me


Thomas Midgley, Bsc Hons SRD
State registered dietitian, degree in applied Human Nutrition and Dietetics. 

Current Post:
Lead Eating disorders dietitian for West London (WLMHT) NHS services, (paediatrics, adolescents and adults) working mostly with eating disorders and weight reduction.  I also cover many other medical and nutrition related conditions.  I am qualified to diagnose eating and associated disorders in accordance to DSM-IV Criteria.

Foundations of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 2005 – 2006. 
West London Mental Health service

Practitioner skills in eating disorders diploma 2006.  Approved by the British Psychological Society 1999-2001 and the Royal College of Psychiatrists 2000-2001.
The National Centre for Eating Disorders. 
SDS course in Skills for managing self harm and suicide, 2006


  • Member of HPC, the gold standard for nutrition advice.
  • Member of the British Dietetics Association (BDA).
  • Member of the BDA freelance dietitians group.
  • Member of the BDA sports dieticians group (DISEN).
  • Member of the BDA mental health group.
  • Member of London eating disorders dietitians group.

Previous NHS posts:
Derriford Hospital, Plymouth
Specialised in the treatment of cardiac rehabilitation, high blood pressure and cholesterol management, acute stroke and rehabilitation, PCOS, respiratory and general medicine, renal medicine and diabetes.

Hillingdon PCT , West London
Lead dietitian in the community Diabetes action and weight management groups.

Conquest Hospital, Hastings, East Sussex.
Diabetes, weight reduction, nutritional support and weight gain, gastrointestinal conditions, high blood pressure and cholesterol management, PCOS.

Queen Victoria, East Grinstead, West Sussex.
Child and adolescent clinics, burns, head and neck cancer.

I have also run highly successful clinics in the private sector for many years. Specialising in; sports nutrition (as an ex-international athlete), control with food, weight reduction and maintenance, binge eating, gastro-intestinal disorders (e.g. IBS, IBD), PCOS, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

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